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Sweet Romance

January 12, 2019

Rescued from Retail

The Traveling Billionaire Series, Book One

Rescue From Retail Cover

Does he love her, or does he only love her art? A Clean, Sweet Billionaire Romance.

Daniel is a tech billionaire, while Nora works minimum wage at a big-box store. When Daniel takes an interest in her, Nora can hardly believe it. As they grow closer, she’s still not sure what he’s truly interested in: her, or her artwork? Worse, it’s possible that he just wants a poor girl to rescue, and she’s only his latest project. What will he do when she confronts him about his motives?

In the first book of the Traveling Billionaire series, an older, wiser couple finds love amidst the beautiful scenery of the Greek Islands.

Rescued from Retail 2

The Traveling Billionaire Series, Book Two

Rescue From Retail 2 Cover

She wanted him to get serious about her. Unfortunately he did.

Nora is getting used to having a suave billionaire boyfriend. When he asks her if she’ll take a trip to sunny Brisbane, Australia with him, it’s a no-brainer. However, things are not what they seem: if Nora wants some quality time with the kangaroos, she’s going to have to pose as Daniel’s wife. And Daniel wants something else from her, something she’s afraid she can’t give.

In Book Two of The Traveling Billionaire, a smart, sensitive couple navigates the rocky shoals of their new relationship…with a little help from high-quality tea and coffee.