Cassie's Demonic Cafe

Some Nuts and Bolts

August 25, 2020

First of all, Carrie over at Carrie’s Urban Fantasy Corner wrote a review of the first three books of Demonic Café. It’s a neat review, even though she has some serious criticisms of Sam’s behavior (wait…don’t we all?) I hope she keeps up with the blog because there’s a serious lack of this kind of thing online. Urban fantasy usually gets gobbled up into a larger fantasy category, which is then dominated by Epic fantasy. So definitely check the blog out today!

Next, the first three books of the series are now available on non-Kindle ereaders; the fourth book will also be available shortly, I just need to wait a few more days before its Amazon-exclusivity period ends. This means that the books are no longer enrolled in Kindle Unlimited, which is only for Amazon exclusives. I’ll miss being a part of that program, but there’s such a big world out there that I didn’t feel like being tethered to Amazon was the best choice for my series anymore. Now all the people who own Nooks and Kobos and all that other good stuff can have some demon-enhanced reading material.

Lastly, Book Five is coming along. I thought I was going to take a break after Book Four and work on some other stories, but the DC characters are very impatient and kept telling me to write their series. Yes, I hallucinate getting lectures from my own characters, what’s the problem?

Hope you’re all safe and sound and enjoying the wrap-up of summer. I’m hoping to get in one beach trip before the weather changes; wish me luck.