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About Karen

January 10, 2019

Karen L. Mead is a multi-genre author and green tea enthusiast. The tea part isn’t terribly relevant right now, but we should probably talk about the author part.

Karen's Portrait

Her primary genre is urban fantasy, where she writes about demons and vampires and all the trimmings in the Demonic Café series. Karen also publishes other urban fantasy works, like the parody novella Penguin of Fortune and an upcoming Mermaid book.

Karen also writes sweet romance with the Traveling Billionaire series, because she never gets to go anywhere and enjoys living vicariously through her characters.

She’s also completed a short memoir, Overleveled: My Life in Videogames because being a bi-genre author just wasn’t confusing enough and she wanted to throw an entirely different type of writing in there. Seriously though, check out the memoir, it’s pretty special.

She lives on Long Island, New York with her husband, daughter, and about ten imaginary cats. Someday, she will work up the courage to buy a real cat.

If you’d like to follow her on social media, she’s active on both Facebook and Instagram. Want to pick up one of her books for free? Sign up for Karen’s mailing list and receive a free download of The Problem With Black Magic, the first book in the Demonic Café series.